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Club Background

History of Our Club

We officially formed April 2003, however we played a Tournament earlier in the year as a fledgling club and were lucky enough to take the silverware with the help of a few of the boys from the K.C.C.C helping us to field a full team.
Late 2002, three of us (Christian, Jimmy and Dwight) went down to Kaohsiung to join a world team in a tournament organised by the K.C.C.C. From there the three of us became the founding members of the F.C.C.
Our first official games and tournament were played in April 2003 with some awesome results. Check out our recent events page.

Christian Stillmark, co-founder and first club Chairman,  has moved to China for work.
Aaron "Jimmy" Smith, co-founder and first Vice Captain also leaves for China for work.

Dwight, Jimmy and Christian on their way to Kaohsiung.


The KCCC were gracious enough to provide transport to the game in Pindong. Fully equipped with beer and BBQ. Jimmy Jackie and Christian enjoying the ride.


Dateline 03/Dec/2003
Our champion Skipper Dwight Johnson and Jackie have moved on to another international assignment. DJ is going to be missed, and while wishing the best for his new assignment, we are looking forward to seeing him in six months !

Our Founders :
Christian Stillmark  (Founding Chairman)
Dwight Johnson  (Founding Captain and Vice Chairman)
Jimmy Aaron Smith  (Founding Vice Captain)
Jackie Johnson ( Founding Treasurer)
Our Current Club Committee

Chairman:                                Prem Purswaney

Vice Chairman: Dwight Johnson

Club Captain:                          Charl

Vice Captain:                           Cilliers Landman

Treasurer                                 Prem Purswaney

Senior Member                                          Salim