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DEC 2008 Annual cup

Taichung March 2006

Sanchong Triangular June 2004

April 10-11th: Taichung Tournament

Feb 2004/ FCC Win Formosa Cup In Taichung

Dec 2003 Taiwan Annual Cricket Tournament Match Report

FCC "A" wins the Taichung Sixes

FCC "B" Taichung Sixes Match Report

Friendly FCC Vs. CCC 03/Aug/2003

FCC vs TCA Friendly 06 July 2003 We finally won !

FCC Kings of Betelnut Bowl : Punished in Ping Tung !

FCC Vs TCA 08 June 2003

Minutes from 2nd Committee Meeting 31 May 2003

Minutes from Commitee Meeting 14 May 2003