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Ed Fells

Name : Ed Fells

Nickname : None with FCC, other current ones include Cobra (after the Indian beer) & Fellsopolis

D.O.B : 18/6/68

Nationality : English

Partner : She'd probably rather I didn't put it on here, women are strange!

Sporting moment / achievement : Setting a record 10th wicket partnership in my first game as skipper for my team back home, winning in the last over. 7-21 vs Thames Ditton & earning a very tongue in cheek nickname of 'Destroyer' thanks to a local newspaper report. This proves there is glory to be had at the lowest levels in sport!!! And I have to mention Wimbledon beating Liverpool in the 1988 FA Cup final.

Free comment : Guinness is good for you, even if it doesn't always feel that way on a Saturday or Sunday morning.