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Sanchong Triangular June 2004

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Hey Hey Everyone, Am slowly getting through a strawberry ice cream..boy its warm nowadays ! And to think that we braved the heat for two days, on a weekend when children were advised by cautious parents to stay indoors, had some beer, got some wickets, scored some runs, got burnt, and ..won the cup ! The ice cream tastes good...let me get another scoop and relive some of the memories which made the weekend.. Saturday morning, and the first tournament in Taipei after a long long time. Three intrepid teams turned up for this tourney organized by the Colombo boys and Shantha. With promises of great lunches and Saturday Night Fever, the FCC, TCA and CCC teams ambled up to Le Petit Cauldron on the banks of a nonexistent river ( there are roads, green houses and baseball stadiums where the river once used to flow strong and deep). First match FCC vs TCA. The rematch after we had kind of shown off our batting getting to about 170 odd from 15 overs. The TCA was keyed up and were ably assisted my their most consistent batsman Mr. Extra getting the top score of 39. The ShannonMan had different ideas and kept the walkways between the pitch and the pavilion fairly busy. Rick,Bonnie, Jayesh, Nitin, and Dilip for a memorable 5 for haul. The TCA finished up at 88. Their turn to bowl, they kept Mr Extra ( 13 n.o.) at the non striker,s end for most of the innings. Despite a fair start ( Eddie getting 15 and Shardul getting 26), the tight bowling started showing results, and the final over left 6 to win. Bharat bowled a very very tight over giving away 1 run and took one wicket to effectively bottle up the FCC hopes. Cockahoop were the TCA lads but the wisbih and betelnuts were still to get into the FCC systems. TCA : 88 FCC : 84 / 7 Game 2 , the FCC lads ventured into the mid day sun , thankfully batting first this time. Ok, lets bat some said Eddie, Sure thing said Sunny, and they went onto make 151 for the opening stand. Eddie let loose some fabulous pulls and drives. Saman swears he was trying to bowl a tight line, but some of the outfielders had a tough time searching for the ball the 3 time Eddie hoiked it over midwicket in the same over. Top score in Taiwan : 96 Scorer : Eddie Bruno ( FCC) The CCC were not to be pushed over so easily. Don Fernando drew inspiration from Eddie?s carefree batting and played some beautiful drives straight and square. For a moment the CCC train was chugging along merrily. Then came the ShannonMan again and good bye Don Fernando ! 47 useful runs, and ably supported by Mani 21 ( and he too a victim of the merciless ShannonMan.) One of the highlights of the FCC fielding was the leap Mark made to get Silva caught off the ShannonMan. Spectators were spotted with open jaws at that spectacular it a bird , is it a plane..? FCC : 154/ 3 CCC : 103 / 7 Day 2, and Ladies and Gentlemen, the start has been delayed at Le Petit Cauldron owing to ..owing to..the fabulous curry lunch not being ready ! The CCC looked like they cooked up some plans for the FCC batsmen too, and given the Saturday Night proclivities of the FCC, the CCC must have fancied their chances. Sure enough, everyone looked like they needed a bit more wisbih, another betelnut, some more beer, and can I have that double espresso pls ? Mr.Extras hogged quite a bit of the strike and ended up with 35 n.o. and the FCC 112. Prema was whipping some mean googlies and, no mate, a bloody mary cannot help you read those better. The CCC took some scorching catches, and full credit to their fielding effort. So the CCC were a happy bunch. Ha ! said the man from Sanchong. This is Cauldron is mine said he, enroute to 4/9 off 3 overs. Darren chose this game to have his Ha ! as well and came up with figures of 4/2 off his 3 overs. The pressure from these two guys notwithstanding, Fernando again top scored with 25 and the scorebook has the entry ? No byes Eddie !!?. FCC : 112 a.o. CCC : 76 a.o. The Grand Finale..who is the King of Taipei ( with the Taiwan King’s permission). The TCA fancied their chances after their opening game heroics. The FCC were quieter and more determined ? Shardul and Eddie definitely were, when the FCC went out to bat first. 33 from 5 overs. Onto 130 from 15. Classic batting, with the strike rate being increased each successive over until Shardul wanted to bat on and on, and the TCA were happy when the umpy said over. Shardul 75 n.o. Eddie 50 retd and Mark : honorable non striker and convertor of ones into twos :0 n.o. Bring out that new ball, and give it to Hail Hail SoHail ! Super quick, he started out bowling deliveries which cut a mile and the batsman had no clue when one stuck to its line and went straight into his stumps .Bowling tight, straight and holding their catches ( Darren got 3 ) the FCC restricted the TCA to 112 and won the cup without any major excitement. Cilliers had a fine cameo when in the last over he took a hat trick with his gentle dollies ( are we going to see more guys working on their dollies after DB, Cilliers and Vinit in the last tournament, have taken a bunch of wickets ?) The Skipper was overheard confessing his apprehensions about the morning game against the CCC when the wickets were like 9 pins when the Big Lebowski was practicing. But, hear all ye who play cricket in Asia..there is a bunch out here in fair Formosa..and Shanghai it will be where their eyes are now turned to... FCC : 130 for no loss TCA : 112 / 9 from 15 overs. Man of the Series : Eddie Bruno ( batting avg 57.33, top score 96 )…

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