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Kaoshiung Annual Tourney 2005

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KaoHsiung Triangular Tournament.
Formosa Cricket Club (FCC)
KoaHsiung Cricket Club (KCC)
Taipei Cricket Association (TCA)



Saturday December 10 - Ping Tung:
Pool Game One - FCC v KCC (14 overs)
Formosa wins the toss, bats and scores 91.
KaoHsiung knock off the runs without losing a wicket.


Pool Game Two - FCC v TCA (14 overs)
Formosa wins the toss, bats and scores 100+.
Taipei lose 8 wickets on their way to ~40.


Pool Game Three - KCC v TCA (14 overs)
Taipei bat first and score around 80.
KaoHsiung lose 5 or 6 wickets and get the runs with  about an over left.


Sunday December 11 - KaoHsiung:
SemiFinal - FCC v TCA (14 overs)
Formosa win the toss and bat first scoring 138.
Taipei reply with around 70.


Final - FCC v KCC (15 overs)
Formosa win the toss and bat first scoring 68.
KaoHsiung lose 6 wickets and get the runs with 2 overs to spare.


Formosa Personnel List and sporadic comment:


Burns, Darren (c) - Got a few runs on Saturday. Bowled some very good pressure overs in the final and got a couple of wickets that had the potential to turn the match.


Dexter, Grant - One innings for one run. Did not bowl. Kept wicket in the final. What can I say? I'm a hockey goalie not a wicket-keeper. Sure, i can put things in the way of the ball to stop it going for byes, but I'm not the one to go diving in front of second slip to take a spectacular, rolling, one-handed catch. And in hockey I got given great big pads to wear everywhere, it hurts a lot otherwise. On the batting front there's a lot to be said for building an innings. And a bit more to be said about knowing exactly how many overs there are in the game. Where I come from I'm an opening batter kinda in the mould of Mark Richardson, but with a few less shots. I can score runs effectively, but not in multiples of six generally. Also, I run faster than Mark.


Story time. One of my proudest moments in cricket was taking a catch to dismiss a guy on 120. I was in way over my head at mid-on in a premier match in Hamilton and we had resorted to the off-spinner after this guy had spent a chancelss couple of hours pasting us all over the park. In that match I got to bat at 11 and spent seven or eight overs facing the fastest bowling I've ever experienced and a genuine off spinner who I had no chance against. Got a single when the quick strayed down leg before getting bowled missing a straight one. My batting partner at the other end? Mark Orchard.


Neb, Vinit - One innings and did not bowl (?).


Nguyen, Thuong - Two innings with the bat and some useful overs in the preliminary games.


Purswaney, Prem - Did not bat or bowl. The most valuable asset in any organisation is the people. Maximising the input from each individual is how strong teams are built. Over four games of cricket, every team member should get an opportunity to bat and to bowl.


S, Salim - Two or three innings and bowled in every match with some good returns. Kept wicket against KaoHsiung on Saturday. Some committed fielding.


Spencer, Paul - Got a lot of runs in the tournament including 82* in the semi-final. Bowled some very useful overs as well. I would have paid good money to see more of the same in the final. Possibly Paul was too tired after the fireworks on Sunday morning? Putting those balls out of the ground was a sight to behold!


許‘‡ (Selina) - Scorer.


™€‚ (Arthur) - Did not bat or bowl. Kept wicket in the games against Taipei and took two catches. This guy can catch! He looked like a seasoned pro taking catches in practice and backed it up by snaffling two edges. He even had the presence of mind to shy at the stumps as well. I say a wicket-keeper retains the pads throughout a game and throughout a tournament. Going on Arthur's performance he should be the one to take on the job permanently. And he can bat too, I'm sure of it.


?, Brett - Batted once in the final, did not bowl. Did some good work getting the ball off the safety net after Charl had the teremity to pull a short one up there.


?, Charl - Batted in every match with some substantial scores. Bowled very economically in every game. Teams usually feature a few players who are the stars. They are dependable and effective and can put the ball into orbit. Charl fits that bill easily. What the rest of the team needs to do is to maximise the impact of the stars. Lunch on the benefits they bring in appying pressure and dishing out inspiration. Learning and emulating the eforts of the better players will make other team members stronger.


?, Dominic - Two innings and bowled in most of the games. Got wickets in the final. Also took a catch with one hand.


?, Stanley - Made an immediate impact once strung up on the Saturday morning. Surprisingly quiet though...


Other Comments:


If we could find two soccer grounds we could put some concrete in between them. The benefits of playing on a level wicket are paramount in establishing a worthwhile cricket product. Introducing Taiwanese to the game is the only way the game will prosper here. If we can be confident of how high the ball will bounce we can introduce batsmen to the game safely and they can improvise more confidently. The interest is out there. There were a small group of people watching on both days and it is a short jump for a baseball player to spend a few hours watching a ball being smacked with a strange piece of wood to actually trying it personally.



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